Webinar Singapore Law For Credit Agreements

All businesses registered by GST will be affected to some extent. To help you understand the tremendous impact of the new GST rules and the IRAS`s expectations for businesses under the new rules, join our webinar, where we have Messrs. Koh How of Koh SH – Associates Pte Ltd and Yang Shi Yong and Charles Li of Drew – Napier LLC to explain the legal and practical aspects of the new rules and what they mean to you. The Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act 2018 (IRDA) came into force on 30 July 2020. Thus, the most fundamental reform process, which will begin in 2017, will be part of Singapore`s insolvency law since independence. Private bankruptcies and corporate bankruptcies are grouped into a single law, and the corporate law has decreased by about 20%. The IRDA will help Singapore achieve its goal of helping businesses in the region restructure and survive. The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of IRDA`s corporate bankruptcies and to provide some guidance on some important changes. He will not talk about the emergency measures taken to deal with the consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic, which has been noted in other legislation. The webinar will begin with a rapid implementation of the reform process and highlight some of the most important reforms of the IRDA.

B the new section on transaction fraud, the new power of the liquidator to allocate the revenues from circumvention measures, new out-of-court court proceedings, etc. It will then examine the new Section 440, which limits the exercise of certain contractual rights (an important measure of value preservation during the rescue); The new point 239 of illicit trade; the case law on bailout financing, developed since the 2017 reforms; the new system for authorizing judicial administrators and transitional provisions, as well as subsidiary rules. The webinar concludes with a question-and-answer session where roundtable participants will answer questions from participants. Mr. Robin Ng is currently Director of Policy Management Policy and International Relations at the Singapore Internal Revenue Administration. Robin oversees DBA issues, on-demand information exchange policy, international tax cooperation and administrative assistance, as well as international tax relations issues. Robin received a bachelor`s degree in accounting with awards from Nanyang Technical University and a Master of Laws in International Tax Laws with awards from the Vienna University of Economics. Robin is an accountant (Singapore) and an accredited tax advisor (income tax). Robin has participated in external magazines such as the Papers for the International Fiscal Association. This webinar is suitable for: tax agents, business owners, finance and staff professionals Click here to register for the webinars under SGD 96.30. CSA members can use credit dollars (C dollars).

The Tax Academy is pleased to be able to present this webinar which aims to improve the understanding by tax authorities and employers of the impact on the tax return of workers in the face of coronavirus. This webinar is presented by IRAS spokespersons in the form of a recorded presentation and a “live” question-and-answer session. The Webinar will cover: Following the success of the first and second editions, the Tax Academy of Singapore is proud to announce the imminent launch of the 3rd edition of The Law – Practice of Singapore Income Tax.

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