Unofficial Child Support Agreement

As a 3-year-old mother, I don`t care if Dad loves me. As long as he lives there, that`s all that matters. I live a life I have built. I`ve been through so many obstacles in my life, but I`m still here with my head held high. I know a lot of women will not agree with what I have to say, but I think that`s what I think. I can say it, I don`t care if my father pays me child benefit, because I know that`s what makes me run every day. It`s like I know I have to get up and work harder so my kids can get what they want. And just because he doesn`t give me anything doesn`t mean I don`t throw that I`m glad he`s at least trying to get involved in my childhood life. That`s more than enough for me. I`m not the kind of woman who says if you don`t pay, I won`t let you see the kids. My man story is different. We decided to open a business because 30% of his cheque would go to child care.

So he didn`t make enough money to help in the household, hence our deception at the opening of a business, but this came to a bigger problem than the ex discovered, so they send us to court to increase their child care. I really don`t, why should it pay more just because we decided to have a better income? It`s like she still wants more just because he makes more money. Why, if we made this change, because it would be of great help to our life and funding problems that we are going through. Now, I think there had to be something that could be done to stop that. If she was long before with what she received, why complain and ask for more now…… There is something that needs to be done, I have struggled for many years as a single mother, but it didn`t get up at all. Why I need answers, because it`s ridiculous that he now has to pay more than $500 a month… An arbitration agreement helps resolve disputes outside of a courtroom.

This contract ensures that all problems encountered are dealt with by an arbitrator and not by a judge. Child welfare agreements generally include arbitration agreements for many reasons. Legal fees can add for both parties who are simply trying to resolve a payment or breach of conditions issue. The amount does not matter as long as both parents agree. It could be either more, equal or smaller than standard early childhood supervision. Prepare the following requirements before creating a mandatory model for child care: AMEN for your story. As a single parent of two children, I never started all over again or didn`t have time to “me.” My children never had a father. The best I can describe is that he is not a non-participating parent. Complicating matters is that at the age of 10, my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour and severe brain swelling. Two brain operations later, a programmable placement of shunt pe, a shunt revision a year later because of a malfunction and 5.5 weeks of significant radiation, now my daughter is legally blind. At the top, I could not get SSI benefits for her, she was refused!! Your father never paid a penny for all medical expenses. He appeared for both brain operations and a visit afterwards.

He never offered to take or attend any of their appointments or radiological treatment (Mo-Fr). It`s better, I have a second child, his son, whom he never offered to look after me while I was living with my daughter in the hospital. Both my parents had died before the birth of my children. My babysitter offered to take care of my son while I stayed in the hospital with my daughter. It should be important what the mother does each year, depending on how the aid is calculated. Now he does more and can fight it, but it will bring money back to his other son. Who has never met his brother. It`s worth a long-term sacrifice, but the counter-support can come from me.

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