Tru Olfm Collective Agreement

You should address students who have been inactive: you can play an active role in the functioning of the university and in open learning by becoming a member of committees such as. B: Your olfactory responsibilities are described in the collective agreement. Below is a summary of some of your main tasks. Members of the Open Learning Faculty are teachers in the field of open learning at TRU and the role of the Open Learning Faculty Member is to actively encourage, support and guide students in their university studies. Members of the Open Learning Faculty must be trained in learning, have a complete knowledge of the subject and demonstrate a positive, open and caring attitude in their dealings with students. You will receive an e-mail of each time a student enrolled in your TRU-OL course waives tuition for two TRU-OL courses in Schedule “B” of the TRU/TRUOLFA collective agreement for all four-month periods when you have completed your trial period. The maximum number of courses for which there is no tuition fee is six per year. Students associate journalistic storytelling with the multimedia and social tools used by professionals to reach a wide audience. Course work includes social media; Storytelling with audio and video; and the use and critical analysis of blogs as sources and websites for news. We preferably look for PhD candidates in a relevant discipline, (master`s degree) with significant current academic experience in disciplines, and documented excellence to help students achieve their goals. In addition to excellent oral and written communication skills, privileged candidates will have demonstrated skills and skills in distance learning.

You may be invited or have the opportunity to participate in many other tasks regarding your course or the day-to-day running of ol. This work is paid for in accordance with Schedule A and is claimed through a claim form (below). We have between 20 and 30 students a year. These figures are only estimates and the actual price figures may be more or less important than the estimated figures. If you do not complete two TRU-OL courses without a reasonable explanation, you will no longer be entitled to drop out. TRUOLFA manages a professional development fund to cover the costs of scientific activities, registration and participation in conferences and meetings, as well as teaching courses and programs. Please contact TRUOLFA before engaging in activities that you may wish to resume. You must register for the fiscal year (April 1 to March 31) during which the study waiver was approved.

If you finish your job at TRU-OL before the end of a course, you must return all course documents in perfect condition. A family member (spouse or dependent) can enrol each year in a TRU-OL course deducted from the six courses per year. If your family member does not complete two courses without an appropriate explanation, they are no longer allowed to drop out of the study. Education exemptions are a taxable benefit if the course is not a prerequisite for your position and is declared by the finance department on your Q4. If the course is a condition of your position, the waiver is not taxable. The responsibilities of the Open Learning Faculty Member (Web) include, but are not limited to: You can also access the application form for expenses related to travel in accordance with TRU`s travel rules.

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