Leave And License Agreement Draft For Residential

15. If, for whatever reason, the licensee`s agent who occupies the aforementioned licensed premises is no longer the licensee`s agent, the licensee will take steps to remove him immediately from the aforementioned premises. As a guarantee of the licensee`s insurance or commitment, as well as in guarantee of compliance and compliance with the terms of this agreement, the licensee has, from the licensee, a sum of Rs… uninteresting. If the taker commits a violation of a condition or condition of this contract and the present contract and the license given are terminated by the licensee, that deposit is cancelled by the licensee. without prejudice to the licensee`s other rights under this agreement or the law and without the underwriter being exempted from its obligations under this agreement. If so. However, this contract is terminated without delay by the licensee, its agents and agents, or by the passage of time that this surety is returned without delay to the licensee in the event of termination. 2.

The licensee in question allows the licensee to fill these premises on the basis of Laave and License for a period of eleven (11) months from the date of this agreement. This agreement, referred to as the “licensee” at ——- this —– day of ——– between ———— reference to one party and ——— of the other party (hereafter referred to as “taker”); While the licensee is seized and the premises at________________________________________ (at the official address) (here referred to as “licensed premises”) have or have the right to do so in another way: the licensee has asked the licensee to allow him to use and occupy the premises granted as a buyer, and the licensee has agreed to allow the licensee to use the premises as a mere taker and occupy them without shares. or right in the premises granted or in the right or interest of the licensee. And while the licensee has a sufficient interest in the premises granted and authorizes and allows the licensee to use and occupy the premises granted as a mere licensee for the use of premises granted for residential purposes. And while the licensee wishes and represents the use and occupation of the premises granted by him, he has his personal right and is subject to the simple authorization of the licensee of the licensee and has no rights and conditions to assert below. Dear Sir, you have been so kind that we have been able to use the above premises on the basis of license and license, and our agreement is dated to 13. If the licensee violates a clause of this agreement, the licensee is allowed to terminate the contract up to fifteen days before the purchaser`s notification. Any commission or omission committed by the agent of the licensee occupying the premises granted is considered to be an act of omission or omission of the licensee. (8) Both parties agree that if one party wishes to terminate the contract, the other party has a fixed term one month before, it will be done in writing to that effect.

[After bye-law No. 45 (2) (I)] The form of the application for subdivision eligibility, on leave and license or institution of care (10) The licensee files with the licensee on or before the execution of this contract, a sum of Rs- (Rupees- __________FREI of INTEREST, returned to the licensee after the expiry of this agreement or in case of notice of one month in advance for the leave of the premises and against the free and peaceful possession of the premises mentioned above , net of damage costs, if any, to unpaid phone taps and bills, if any.

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