Kooki Buganda Agreement

Tags buganda hostilities Kooki-Katikkiro Mayiga Uganda Kooki became a county under Buganda by an agreement of 1896 that signed the Kamuswaga of Kooki Kezekia Ndahura with the former Kabaka, Daniel Mwanga. Although the kooki agreement, which was an integral part of Buganda, the chief retained a unique status, which the text of the agreement calls first-rate. According to Berkeley, Ndahura returned to Kampala the following year and formally requested that his territories eventually be admitted to the Kingdom of Buganda under the protection of Her Majesty`s Government. But Nduhura did it because he had no choice. As part of the agreement, the rights of Omukama must be respected and the head of the Omukama should remain its leader. According to custom, a new title had to be found for the sovereign in his new position, and Ndahura chose the name/title of Kamuswaga that he had been called while he was still a Prince. Once an independent kingdom, Kooki was part of Buganda in 1896, by a loyalty agreement between the Kamuswaga of the time of Kooki Omukama Edward Kezekia Ndahura and Kabaka Daniel Mwanga of Buganda. All those who concern him know that the undersigned, Mwanga King of Uganda [Buganda] and Kamuswaga, King of Kooki, I have today concluded the following agreement: -While I, Kamuswaga, until now independent king of Kooki, have chosen for myself, my leaders and my people, this country of Kooki will be part of the Kingdom of Uganda and will be welcomed as a new province, thus taking advantage of the benefits granted to this kingdom by the presence, leadership and support of British officials. And while I, Mwanga, King of Uganda with the full agreement of my government, am ready and willing that Kooki County be admitted to my kingdom and that its inhabitants be subject to Zu Waganda [Baganda]. Now I declare to Kamuswaga, the hitherto independent king of Kooki, and I ask on behalf of my leaders and the people that our country of Kooki, from this day on, will become part and province of the Kingdom of Uganda [Buganda] and will pass under the sovereignty of Mwanga, King of Uganda [Buganda]. And I accept and assume the position of a first-class Muganda-Saza whose province will be Kooki and whose powers, privileges, duties and position will, as a rule, be those of the other Waganda.

And I recognize that the ruler of Kooki is now Mwanga, king of Uganda and, after him, his heirs and successors. And I also recognize that all treaties, international agreements, laws and regulations of any kind, as well as tributes and other obligations of any kind at the time and future in force or in the future in Uganda, apply in the same way to Kooki, which is now an integral part of the Kingdom of Uganda [Buganda]. And I promise Mwanga, King of Uganda (Buganda), as well as my government and my heirs and successors, Kamuswaga, until then the independent king of Kooki, as a first-class Muganda-Saza, whose province will be Kooki, who will now be part and province of the Kingdom of Uganda [Buganda]. And I, the Mwanga in question, I promise myself, to my heirs and successors, that the Kamuswaga in question will enjoy all the powers, privileges and rights that belong to the position of a first-class Muganda-Saza, and that the well-being and prosperity of Kooki Province will be the objects of all our concern and concern, along with the well-being and prosperity of our kingdom of Uganda[Buganda].

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