How To Accept Microsoft Cloud Agreement

It is important to inform that the boarding process includes the commercial review, which can take several days. Your company should start the process immediately to avoid the risk of last-minute blockages that could slow down onboarding and prevent the adoption of Microsoft`s partnership agreement before the application deadline of November 1, 2020. The updated MCA and MCRA conditions clearly show that privileged users are in a unique position that may prevent us from fulfilling our obligations to Microsoft under the CSP program, unless we are able to verify that all global administrators understand and accept these conditions. We have put in place a process that privileged users can follow to obtain such access. Thus, we have the signature recognition for privileged users, which includes a confirmation of the MCA, part of this process and an access requirement. A: Not much, really. In fact, we hate to say that you give up the right to let Microsoft throw you off their servers because they don`t accept it. In fact, Microsoft says, “If the customer no longer agrees with the MCA, the partner must cancel the subscriptions related to that customer.” On March 22, 2019, Microsoft will block the plan changes until we have announced the customer`s acceptance by MCA. This requirement exists worldwide for all Microsoft partners and customers – from direct, indirect resellers to CSPs. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to extend this time frame. So it`s very important that we now update the recordings.

A: Suppose you`re a Liquid Mercury Solutions customer, you`re probably under the North American commercial version of the MCA cloud. If you have employees or users outside the US (especially Germany, the EU or China), you must sign additional documents for these regions and agree on conditions that go beyond the terms of the agreements listed below. As of November 7, 2018, Microsoft requires indirect resellers of the CSP program to confirm, through their indirect CSP suppliers, that their end customers have read and have agreed to be associated with the Microsoft Cloud (MCA) agreement. A partner cannot add/modify subscriptions via the Microsoft CSP channel without confirming their customer`s agreement on the Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA). Enter the date of acceptance of the agreement. You can`t fix this at a future date. A: Microsoft says it`s up to the customer to determine who it should be. We tend to believe that it should be someone in your organization who has the power to conclude the organization in binding agreements.

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