Entertainment Performance Agreement

Usually, benefits are unique and list only one date, but if you have a contract for repeated benefits, z.B. once a week, you can create a contract with terms and options for renewal. The amount to be paid for the benefit, when it is paid and how it is paid. It seems that private events, festivals and performances for local organizations, etc., could be worth a contract. I very much appreciate that you have even given an example of what you are using. It`s very helpful! Paul, yes, the 50% deposit is very typical, in some cases I have a little less accepted. However, I am considering renaming the deposit as a “planning fee” or “booking fee” or such a moniker. The reason is that the customer often doesn`t have recognition for the dozen hours that have to pass only for their individual event, and the rest of the payments for our concerts go to Side Musicians as their performance fees. I`ve only had a handful of cancellations in 15 years of events, but the few that have cancelled have always whined about the non-refundable “deposit.” They felt they were paying for “nothing” … But I had spent many hours planning. But for them, in their head, the feat was all they bought.

So even with a contract that did not provide refunds (within a specified time before the event, usually 6 months), the buyer feels like a gross deal. I wonder if someone else has changed the language of “deposit” to “booking fee” or perhaps someone could suggest a better name, which would make the buyer more aware that the money actually paid for all the time spent before the show? I get a deposit (unless it`s a school). My performance agreement states that the deposit holds the date (another reason for them to get ASAP) and locks us both up (which prevents me from switching to a more lucrative offer). Cancellation of events due to circumstances that are not properly controlled by the artist or venue of the event, such as . B bad habits, illness or other mitigating circumstances, constitutes a legal cancellation of the benefit and the place remains responsible for 50% of the amount indicated in the payment portion of this maintenance contract. The venue of the event and the artist may, at their sole discretion, reschedule the performance if exturing circumstances prevent the original representation.

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