Ed Agreement Scoir

11.4. full agreement; Changes. This agreement, including all subsequent amendments, is the entire agreement between the Customer and the Supplier regarding the Customer`s use of the Services and replaces all prior and simultaneous agreements, proposals or assurances, written or orally, relating to its purpose. This agreement may be amended and compliance with a provision of this agreement can only be rescinded with the written agreement signed by both parties. Neither the omission or delay of a party in the exercise of a right, power or privilege under that right, power or prerogative can, as a waiver of that right or the exercise of such a right, power or privilege, exclude any subsequent exercise of that right, another power or privilege. 5. THIRD-PARTY SERVICES. Through the services, the client and guests can receive services from supplier partners (each of these services, a “third party service” and each of these partners, a “partner”). Third-party services are not provided on the website and are not considered to be part of the services covered by this Agreement. The provider is not responsible for third-party services or the equipment, information or results available through third-party services. Partners may require the client and guests to agree to conditions or agreements regarding the provision of third-party services.

The client or guest is solely responsible for choosing the customer or guests and receiving a third-party service. If the customer or guest chooses to receive a third-party service, the client or guest provider authorizes the client or invited supplier to provide the relevant partner with certain information about the customer or guest partners, which that partner can reasonably request to make the third-party service available to the customer or guests, provided that the disclosure of this information by the (s) supplier (i) is authorized by the customer or guest. , depending on the case and (ii) are not prohibited by other legal or regulatory provisions (“shared information”). The customer is responsible for the accuracy of all shared information made available to the supplier and approved for transmission to partners. The Customer ensures and guarantees that the Customer has all the rights to and over all shared information necessary for the provision of common information and that the use of information shared by the Supplier does not violate privacy or other property rights or laws, regulations, regulations or rules applicable at the local, national or federal level. The customer and guests accept that the customer and guests have waived any claim against the Supplier resulting from the use of information disclosed by a partner by choosing a third-party service and accepting and allowing the Supplier to pass on your shared information to a partner.

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