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NEW RECOMMENDS SAFEGUARDING COLLECTIVE RIGHTS BY RE-RECOGNITION. Members must be prepared and act together to protect their interests. As part of a phased agreement, teachers in the Scottish state received a 3% increase from April 2018; 7% from April 2019; 3% from April 2020. BRIEFING NEU to assist members of the independent sector in wage negotiations. It may also be relevant for some members working in continuing education (FE) or in academies where collective bargaining exists. To negotiate effectively, you need to see the finances. When an employer says they can`t afford a higher increase, it`s often that they`d rather spend the money on something else! Each member of the AEC is responsible by the national president for certain national portfolios, such as. B as collective bargaining, complaints and warrants, the political action programme, the education programme, human rights and human rights, health and security, finance, etc. Regional vice-presidents are also responsible for issues in their regions, including the representation of Aboriginal people chartered directly to their respective regions. While some workers have objections to union membership for religious or political reasons, or are members or not, any worker in a PSAC collective agreement is entitled to representation and vote on collective agreements and strikes. Our union is a house built from humans. It is strong as long as our members are active, educated and collective. The fundamental element that defines the strength of the union is the individual member.

IQALUIT, Nunavut (November 23, 2016) – The Government of Nunavut (GN) and the Nunavut Employees Union (NEU) today signed a new collective agreement. NEU representatives successfully negotiated a minimum wage contract in the 23 independent schools of the Girls Day School Trust. The signing of the collective agreement with the NatSteel Employees Union took place on 29 April. “The GN and NEW have worked hard to reach this agreement; be fair and meet the needs of our employees. I am very pleased and thank NEW for its continued representation on behalf of its members,” said Finance Minister Keith Peterson. For an immediate release, GN and NEU sign a new collective agreement Whether it is union education, justice, collective bargaining, organization, representation, political action, communication or any of the other activities in which the union participates, Aboriginal people play a crucial role in the relationship between members and their union and their members.

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