Apple Legal Agreements

You can delete your Apple ID at any time and/or stop using the service. If you want to stop using iCloud on your device, you can turn off iCloud from a device by opening your device`s settings, tapping iCloud and tapping “Disconnection.” To cancel your account and delete your Apple ID, contact Apple Support at If you terminate your account and delete your Apple ID, you don`t have access to other Apple or third-party products and services that you`ve set up with that Apple ID. This action cannot be cancelled. All taxes you paid prior to your termination are non-refundable (unless expressly authorized by this Agreement), including all taxes paid in advance for the billing year in which you terminated. The termination of your account does not exempt you from the obligation to pay the fees incurred. d. external services; Third-party materials. The licensed application may allow access to the licensee`s services and websites and/or third parties (together and individually “external services”). The use of external services requires access to the Internet and the use of certain external services requires that you agree to additional conditions.

By using this software in conjunction with an iTunes Store account, you accept the latest iTunes Store terms and conditions and usage rules that you can view and check under Some external services may display, include or provide content, data, information, applications or material from third parties (“third-party materials”) or provide links to third-party sites. By using external services, you recognize and consent that neither the licensee nor its agents are responsible for reviewing or evaluating the content, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy, news, validity, copyright compliance, legality, decency, quality or any other aspect of these third-party documents or websites. Neither the licensee nor its agents assume or assume any responsibility for them, or any responsibility for them or any other person, for services provided by third parties, materials or websites of third parties or other third-party materials, products or services. Third-party documents and links to other websites are exclusively available to you. Check out the software licensing agreements for the current shipment of Apple products by selecting the corresponding product below. Before you buy Apple software or hardware products, you can check the terms and conditions of Apple licensing agreements for end-user software. The organizer of a family (“organizer”) must be at least 18 years old and the parent or legal guardian of a family member under the age of 13 or of the corresponding minimum age in his or her country of origin (as indicated in the registration process). Apple devices are required to access all family sharing features. – Third-party applications: Apple may, under certain circumstances and without notice, immediately terminate or suspend all or part of your account and/or access to the service.

The reason for this termination is: (a) violations of this agreement or other directives or directives referred to and/or published on the service; (b) an invitation from you to terminate or terminate your account; (c) a request and/or order from law enforcement authorities, a judicial authority or other government authority; (d) if the provision of the service to your service is or may become illegal; (e) unexpected technical or security problems or problems; (f) their involvement in fraudulent or illegal activities; or (g) non-payment of the fees you owe in connection with the Service, provided that in the event of a non-significant breach, Apple can only terminate the contract after 30 days and only if you have not healed the injury within that 30 days.

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